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Environmentally responsible

We are well aware that industry is a major consumer of resources, especially energy.
For this reason, all BEEZI centers meet the most advanced standards in this respect. We strive to green both the exterior and interior of our buildings to minimize their environmental footprint.


As far as possible, electrical energy is generated by photovoltaic installations integrated into our centers. The entire lighting system uses LED bulbs. They are automatically controlled in order to drastically limit energy consumption while ensuring maximum comfort.


Water is an essential resource that must be carefully managed. Our centers are fully equipped with water saving devices. The water heaters are run by a heat pump system and the cooling is powered primarily by photovoltaic energy.


The greening of our buildings is also reflected throughout our centers. We designed patios with planted areas, as well as areas all around the building, with the creation of wooded borders and small green stand-alones wherever possible.